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Lt Composer 3.4.1

Lighttoys Composer - many programming features

What's NEW (changelog)

- NEW: added support for Visual Hoop sizes 20" and 28"
- TWEAK: when importing a project, "Views" from that project are no longer imported
- FIX: image elements were disappearing from tracks when using the "Views" functionality (during project save)
- FIX: duplicated tracks were added to the "All Tracks" view only, not to the active view where the duplicate was created
- NEW: graphical splash screen when the app starts
- NEW: the default picture library was updated and extended
- NEW: dynamic mode preview is now synchronized with the timeline
- NEW: enhanced import dialog to select which tracks to import
- NEW: Copy, Cut & Paste for elements on the track list (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V)
- NEW: Cut (razor) tool - splits selected elements, activated with the "C" shortcut
- NEW: "Views" menu in status bar for creating custom track views + shortcuts to switch between them
- NEW: vertical / diagonal duplication of elements by dragging the horizontal edge
- NEW: vertical stretching of elements over multiple tracks (Shift + mouse drag)
- NEW: elements placed from library now allows duplication (mouse drag) or stretching (Shift + mouse drag) over more tracks
- NEW: brightness level selector on the Toolbar for FT1 & FT2 devices
- NEW: Transformations menu -> Vertical Spacing sliders
- NEW: Adjustments menu -> Recolor slider
- NEW: track element -> right click -> "Select same images", Image library picture -> right click -> "Replace selected" to easily swap all occurrences of an image in the project
- NEW: backslash shortcut "\" to toggle between play/pause of the Dynamic preview
- NEW: double-click on the element vertical edge expands the element(s) to fill the adjacent gap(s)
- NEW: double-click on the horizontal edge duplicates the selected element(s) vertically
- NEW: resizing multiple elements with the "Shift" key scales all elements in the selection proportionally
- NEW: fw update of FT remote, FT1, FT2 & Visual devices supported (package 20210416 included)
- NEW: firmware of all connected props is checked for being out of date
- TWEAK: more realistic rendering of low resolution and high Scale values in Preview window
- TWEAK: "Run show" button is automatically switched to the bank number that was last uploaded
- FIX: opening a new music file on MAC was stuck at "Buffering..."
- FIX: Lighttoys devices were not detected on M1 MacBooks
- FIX: wrong text size on external monitor (with different DPI)
- NEW: support for HiDPI (retina) displays
- NEW: graphic rendering pipeline completely rewritten (enhanced speed for large projects)
- NEW: "Device" menu for managing all connected devices
- NEW: enhanced appearance of the main menu, with shortcut tips and multi-level support
- NEW: Open Recent Projects / Libraries in the main menu
- NEW: unified visualization modes and their activation buttons
- NEW: right-click menu support
- NEW: images can be deleted directly from the image library (with right click)
- NEW: improved structure of the left Edit Pane
- NEW: "Lock sizing" option ensures that the number of repeats stays the same while resizing elements
- NEW: keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + 1/2/3/4" for setting number of repeats 1x 2x 3x 4x, "L" shortcut for toggling Lock sizing
- NEW: "Keep original resolution" button in the Edit Pane, enabling 1:1 mapping of pixels from the source image to the device
- NEW: "Lock sizing" and "Keep original resolution" overlay icons on track elements
- NEW: "Ctrl + A" now selects all elements (previously only elements on selected tracks)
- NEW: all time input boxes now accept time with millisecond precision
- NEW: small images (<40 pixels) are resampled using Nearest Neighbor algorithm to retain crisp look
- NEW: static and animated hoop preview
- NEW: experimental upload to FT2 devices (custom FT2 track)
- NEW: link to Visualpoi.ZONE and "About LtComposer" in Help menu
- TWEAK: selection of the device type is done now for each track (by right-clicking on the track handle, or in the Edit Pane)
- TWEAK: removed restrictions for opening image library, empty folders and images of any size are now allowed
- TWEAK: updated F1 Help menu with a list of available keyboard shortcuts
- FIX: images with transparency displayed incorrectly
- FIX: dragged elements are now displayed properly in Realtime mode


Master the art of light programming!

Lighttoys Academy is a place for you to learn and grow your experience with programming using our unique software. Our videos will guide you through the whole process of creating a show using the Pyroterra Lighttoys props from scratch!


  • use your new props
  • connect them to a computer
  • sync them
  • pair them with the remote
  • create the program in LtComposer
  • upload the program into your FT props and Visual Poi / Wand


Programming your first show? No idea how to use the software for your device?
Or do you just need to recap the basics? These videos are for you!

1: LtComposer


Let’s dive deeper into the magic of LtComposer. Learn about the layout, compatibility and basic features!

2: FT

What are the basic color elements you can play with in LtComposer? In this video we’ll guide you through all of them!

3: Image

Do you want to learn how to import images into LtComposer, how to use them and how create your own library? This video is for you!

4: Image:
basic controls

You can do some really powerful image adjustments in LtComposer. Learn how to size, transform and adjust images with few clicks!

5: Uploading to

Visual Devices

Once you have created your program, you want to learn how to upload it into your device, right? Watch this tutorial to learn how.

6: Uploading to

FT devices

Learn how to get your program full of beautiful pictures into your visual device! It’s easier than you think. Easy, right?

Dont miss new videos!


Share and find the best graphics

for your Visual Poi, Hoop & Wand.

It's for free!

Pyroterra Lighttoys visual poi zone - images for visual poi and lt composer



Our team always strives to bring you the very best for your Pyroterra Lighttoys devices.

That is why we are releasing new firmware for your FT, FT2 and Visual devices,

that unlocks new functionality and fixes known bugs.

What's NEW (changelog)

- NEW: full compatibility of all Lighttoys props: FT remotes, FT devices, FT2 devices (Visual Hoop) and Visual Poi V4 devices all work together
- NEW: brightness of a running show can be changed by holding the UP/DOWN arrow on the FT remote
- NEW: auto-reduction of brightness when the battery is depleted (prolonging run time)
- NEW: sleep mode - after 30 minutes of inactivity, the FT device goes into a silent mode (turning off LEDs, but is ready to react to radio signals) for 4 hours, then turns off completely
- NEW: increased number of scanned frequencies during the pairing mode (from 5 to 9) to select a channel with the least interference
- NEW: device names expanded to 32 characters length
- NEW: most of the radio commands are now sent repetitively (standby, silent mode, etc.) to improve reception robustness
- TWEAK: clicking the UP/DOWN arrow now changes the speed of a color effect
- TWEAK: holding the UP/DOWN arrow now changes the brightness of a color effect
- TWEAK: more accurate battery level indication during power cycle
- TWEAK: Zebra mode was removed, holding A/B button is now used to redefine A/B split point & its variants on FT2 devices
- FIX: to start a show from any point on the timeline (using FT remote), the show must have been played continuously from zero time up until the desired point at least once

FT specific:
- NEW: 2x faster & more robust wireless uploading of FT shows
- NEW: uploaded FT shows 1-4 can now occupy more than quarter of the available memory (memory is no longer rigidly segmented into fourths)
- NEW: possibility to manually start shows 1-4 on the FT device with the power button (indicated on the A-segment's LEDs)
- NEW: improved signal range during FW update
- TWEAK: Favorite modes were removed as part of refactoring

FT2 specific:
- NEW: graphic progress bar on LEDs during the show upload process
- NEW: possibility to manually start shows 1-4 on the FT2 device with the power button (indicated on the first 4 LEDs, similar to Visual Poi)
- TWEAK: increased brightness of the graphic progress bar on LEDs
- FIX: first uploaded show after the device was powered ON couldn't be played

Visual Poi & Wand V4:
- FIX: Perfect Sync feature was not working, when 2+ units were turned OFF/ON at the same time


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The firmware update is a delicate procedure, so please follow these instructions carefully. After you download the firmware update package and extract it from the ZIP archive, please follow the PDF "Firmware update guide" included.