Knowledge base

Learn about flow and performance arts. What is spinning, how to learn poi, staff, buuugeng, fans, hoop,...

This page will teach you basics as well as advanced professional stuff.

Learn what gear is used, how it is called. Find tutorials for spinning,

juggling, photo, and video shooting of performance arts. and much more.

This is the Knowledge base of Pyroterra Lighttoys.

What’s Spinning / Flow arts?

Spinning is performing art. It is community and way of life. It is mixture of flow arts when artists spins poi, staff, buugeng, fans, hula hoops,... Spinning/Flow is fun!
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What is Poi? Staff? Buugeng? Hoop?

Meet the most favorite flow props! Let us help you with a simple introduction of the most known flow disciplines. Equipment for spinning, juggling, dancing...
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how to travel by plane with led toys

How to travel with LED lights?

How to get on a plane with your LED equipment without worry? Learn how to avoid troubles with transporting your precious spinning and juggling equipment.
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LED Light performance props.

Check out what are the LED options for classic flow arts props. Choose from a large variety of programmable state-of-the-art products. How to make your art glow.
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Visual Poi V4 MINI by Pyroterra Lighttoys

Learn Poi Spinning

Spinning poi is a fun activity, enjoyable in any age, benefiting your health in several ways. Would you like to try it and you're not sure where to begin? Selection of the great teachers for you!
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learn staff spinning with amit kenig

Learn Staff Spinning

Would you like to try out staff spinning and learn new tricks? We have prepared for you a selection of the very best Staff Gurus. Do not hesitate and start staff spinning now!
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learn hula hoop spinning

Learn Hula Hoop Spinning

Hooping is such a fun and great excersie too! If you want to start learning to play with this amazing prop, here we have for you the greatest Hoop teachers!
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pyroterra lighttoys lightpainting visual poi

How to Photo & Video LED Light props

Learn how to create great videos and pictures with LED Glow props! Learn how to capture nice light trails of your led poi, hoops, fans, staff and more! How to setup the camera.
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How to programm led lights

Learn how to program Lighttoys

Would you like to know how to use the LED Lights from Pyroterra Lighttoys? How to program, use all the features and stand out as a professional Light artists? Learn now!
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