Welcome to the world of extraordinary light equipment from Pyroterra Lighttoys, the creator of Visual Poi and other unique LED tools.


We started our business in 2007 as a group of young performers, looking for a way to enrich and extend their fire performances with light equipment. Since nothing was available on the market in those “dark ages”, we started to work on our first LED prototypes, which would satisfy the needs of our performing group Pyroterra.


Our new light shows were successful and people were ecstatic about the new LED tools we were using. We listened to them and focused on perfecting our LED prototypes through several design iterations. That’s how the Lighttoys brand was born in 2012.

pyroterra lighttoys team

Not only were the new products super bright, but also very robust and durable. We as performing artists know first hand, how disastrous it can be when a new high-tech prop fails on stage. The Lighttoys products gained momentum and today are trusted by many users all around the world.


Our mission is to offer super bright, unique LED equipment for stage performers, artists and jugglers, which is designed to last and create smiles on people’s faces.


If you want to know more about Pyroterra – here is a documentary that will present to you how it looks inside our company.