FT module

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  • programmable
  • DIY

FT compatible small modular unit
build & control your own LED props!
for 12V analog RGB LED strips
two separate A/B outputs
easy setup - connect LED strip(s) and go!
11.1V 1200mAh Li-ion battery inside
short-circuit protection
USB-C charging

Note: LED strips are sold separately.

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Build your led props

easily with the FT module

Welcome to the exciting world of FT controlled devices! With this small modular FT unit, packing all the FT smart technology like other Lighttoys FT devices, your next dream light project is literally at your fingertips.


No special tools are needed - just attach your LED strip of choice, and you are ready to go!

Example usage videos

Pyroterra Lighttoys programming LED gear - by Flambé Circus

Programming showreel with a lot of Pyroterra Lighttoys FT props. Including many custom build using FT chip. Over 70 props in epic light action.

Japanese traditional umbrella with FT chip

Made by Ayumi Sato. Thank you for enriching the family of FT props with the Japanese traditional umbrella!

Pyroterra multimedia Christmas show

Fire SFX & LED-light Visual concept lighted up a building. Large scale multimedia show created from scratch for a magical Christmas event in the city of Příbram in the Czech...

Pyroterra ISL INDIA 2019 programming

FT chips and Ltcomposer presentation. The opening ceremony of ISL 2019

Programming a Tron Dance Act!

Ever wonder what all goes into creating a Tron Dance act? Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the software and programming of our latest show. By Fire Desire Entertainment

Jonasun Visual art and fire performer

Example video how you can use FT chip and products synced together.

Programmable FT LED Pyramid Display

Handmade FT LED pyramid by our customer

High altitude Lighttoys - Mass Effect tribute!

How do our LED props look from the sky high above? What you can do with multiple devices from Pyroterra Lighttoys, programmed all together using the powerful software!

FT promo technologic

New FT generation by Lighttoys has all functions you will love - remote control, programmable LED controller for outstanding creations!



dimension: 86 × 57 × 26 mm
weight: 150 g
battery: Li-ion 11.1V 1200mAh
enclosure: aluminum


LED strip: 12V analog RGB
No of LEDs: up to 600
A/B outputs: 2
status indication LEDs


radio signal range:200 m
Charging time:3.5 h
USB-C charging
resettable short-circuit protection


The FT module is a compact radio control unit for your light projects, compatible with the FT remote & LtComposer software. It is very easy to use, since all the electronics - FT chip, Li-ion battery and charger - are already integrated!


Simply get any 12V analog RGB LED strip, attach its 4 wires with a screwdriver to the provided plug-in terminals and the FT module is ready to shine, it is that easy.


The FT module employs two separate A/B light outputs, which can be controlled and programmed. Each output has a small status indication LED, mirroring the light output action. This is great for testing your light shows or debugging of bad wiring.


The light outputs are protected with a resettable short-circuit protection. So even a mistake in the soldering job or a broken wiring won't damage the FT module or your LED strip project!


Indication LEDs

mirror the function of the
A/B outputs

battery capacity icon


low power consumtion
& discharge protection

remote programming icon


from distances up to
200 meters away

ft chip battery module
durable icon

and durable

case from extruded aluminum
& short-circuit protection

perfect radio sync icon


control all props perfectly

smart poi button


misclick protection
& ongoing show check


You can easily program all your Lighttoys products in one software.

Simple, yet powerful LtComposer software.

Create wonderful shows with a snap!

usb icon

USB upload


Enjoy perfectly synchronized shows started
from distances of up to 200 meters away.


future chip


signal range



ft box module radio LED controller

Package includes

What you will receive with your purchase of FT Module:

  • 1x FT Module
  • 2x plug-in terminal for LED strip


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