GX2 Flame Projector

  • Gas Flamethrower

12V Battery-powered gas flamethrower.
Professional stage flame projector.
Effect adjustable with different nozzles.
DMX or DIY ( FT Chip compatible ) control.
Projects flames up to 6 meters high.
Kevlar gas hose included.
Uses regular propane/butane gas bottles.

Before purchase, please check the
instructional manual!

$940 (excl. VAT)

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Let's bring some heat to your stage.

With a gas projector of the GX2 series, there are no more boundaries to creating flame pillars or fireballs synchronized with your show. Thanks to its sturdy build, the gas projector is especially well suited for outdoor use.
The gas projector is controllable via DMX or a two-wire DC input, making it well suited for professional shows. The projector is powered by a 12V internal battery and using regular camping gas.

GX2 Flame Projector

Pyroterra at Harley Davidson opening ceremony

Opening show from Pyroterra on the 115th anniversary of Harley Davidson with GX2 Flame throwers in use on the stage.

GX2 Flamethrower with fire pole dance

Fire pole dance show by Pyroterra, enhanced by GX2 Flamethrowers around it. The projectors are using DIY FT Chips, which are controlling them in sync with the music.

Product design


size: 26 x 26 x 39 cm

weight: 6,8 kg
fuel: propane tank
Water-resistant aluminum case for outdoor usage.


battery type: 12V Lead-gel
operation time: 3-5 h
charging time: 2 h
charger included: yes
*  usually charged after few shows

GX2 Flame Projector

Uses propane/butane gas as fuel. Readily available in local gas stations & hardware stores.

Aluminum construction makes this flame projector very robust and dependable. It's Water-resistant for outdoor use. Battery life on standby is about 20h. When triggered, battery time gets shorter.


For advanced users, there is a digital input for a custom triggering mechanism (like an FT chip).


The ignition system is battery-powered (12V lead-gel type), making it trouble-free for air transportation. Recharge is needed only after several uses, charger included. GX2 Projectors are built by our partner company EXPLO GmbH from Austria.

Full PDF manual here.


This product is meant for professionals who are familiar with the DMX. A computer or DMX console is needed to use the GX2 projector.


Do not forget to turn OFF the main power button after usage! Leaving the device ON for extensive periods will damage the battery.

210921 - GX2 Flame projector - gas

Package includes

What you will receive with your purchase of GX2 FLAME PROJECTOR

  • 1x GX2 DMX Flame Projector
  • 1x 12V lead battery charger (with EU plug)
  • 1x kevlar gas hose (threads: 10L to W21,8×1/14”LH)
  • All nozzle types

Note: propane/butane fuel must be bought separately.


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