Pyroterra camp



5 days full of workshops, sharing of valuable skills and loads of fun!


Learn how to work with LtComposer, create stunning mega shows, light trail photos & videos and more.


Rescheduled to 2021 due to COVID restrictions.


$1,180 (excl. VAT)
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what is

Pyroterra Camp

Pyroterra Lighttoys camp is a unique 5-day experience dedicated to all stage artists who love to play with light programming and want to learn the magic behind the big show productions with Lighttoys props.


With 15 year experience of creating professional fire & light shows, we are here to share all the details we know! 


Invest into your future, become the multimedia artist you always wanted to be and take your team to another level.

Czech republic  |  2021  |  15 participants



iMac (Tilt_Right)

Master the LtComposer

Make the most stunning light shows!

Know-how and experience collected over the years for you!

For the very first time we offer you to be a part of a unique skill sharing event. 

5-day camp full of workshops including:

  • light shows
  • LED programming using (not only) LtComposer
  • secret know-how of big production creation process
  • different technologies for performing arts and how to combine them
  • technique of taking good light painting photos and videos
  • selling & marketing of your show 
  • and several more

Have a look at our video section below for inspiration on what can you learn to create.

With a limited number of participants, be sure to reserve your spot today!


It's time to step up your light programming skills! Get to know  tips & tricks on how to handle the LtComposer - program for creating outstanding Light shows! Learn how to use light effects, colors, how to create patterns, animations, and much more! Good software is the heart of every technology and we’ll teach you how to work with the best one on the market.


Did you ever dream about having an unlimited number of Pyroterra Lighttoys props at your disposal to play with? Learn all tech features, hidden settings and even pitfalls of our props. Or do you wish to know how to work with the scene lighting, stage technology and other important secrets from the big stages? We will let you know!

Light Photo & video

How to create astonishing light photos? What are the secret settings to film great videos of light shows? Do you want to know how to take photos and videos of your art with Lighttoys props by yourself? Or do you just fantasize about the huge light mandalas and capturing their beauty? Experience all of this with us during the camp!

Event production

How do big events work? What can you do to be few steps ahead of others with your unique production? Do you want to learn how to create big openings and ceremonies with Lighttoys props or FT chips? Get ready to incorporate your art, skills, programmable lights, stage props and elements in one world-scale SHOW!

Light painting Photography

Learn how to create your very own beautiful photos

Among many activities in the camp, you can look forward to creating great light painting photos together! We can’t wait to share all the details about this unique art with you. Learn everything - from how to work with the camera and its settings, how to plan your light painting to finally making your artistic light pictures.

Videos - Experiences we will share

Enough of words. Some examples of the big projects we’re talking about

Pyroterra multimedia show example

Fire SFX & LED-light Visual concept lighted up a building. Large scale multimedia show created from scratch by our team. Learn how to make shows like this one.

Pyroterra ISL INDIA 2019 programming

FT chips and LtComposer in action! The opening ceremony of ISL 2019 was a challenge. Programming over 100 devices at once? We’ll show you how.

Programming LED gear - by Flambé Circus

Programming showreel with a lot of Pyroterra Lighttoys FT props. Another example of what you will do and learn at the Camp!

Learn to control all stage elements together!

Another example of shows from Pyroterra team - you will be learning in the groups to create complex shows like this one. Amazing, right?

High altitude - create Light mandalas!

How do our LED props look from the sky high above? Drone at the camp to your disposal!

What is included in the camp price?

We care about your comfort to provide you with the best possible learning experience. 

Our camp offers All-inclusive service covering accommodation, meals and rich program.

The price of the ticket includes cozy accommodation, 3 meals a day + refreshments, 6 - 8 hours/day of workshops with professionals from Pyroterra company, free usage of our equipment during the camp. The price doesn’t include traveling costs.



The whole camp will happen in a great retreat place with training space and shared rooms. More information soon.



You will be served with Breakfast, Launch, Snack, and Dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You will be also able to buy your things in the shop close by.



All workshops and learning activities are included in the price. As well as fun with Pyroterra team.



We will provide you with enough of Lighttoys props to work with at the camp. Use it for your programming and art creations.

what to take with you?

We will provide you with all the necessities. You just need to take your computer to work on. You can bring also your own Lighttoys props (just don't forget to label them!) 

In this case, we don’t recommend taking part in our camp as far as the main part of the event will be dedicated to this topic.

You should plan your travel to Prague  - Czech Republic. We can offer you a ride to the camp venue then. We are finalizing the location right now.

We would love to provide a complete experience to our participants and thus we don’t accept applicants who can’t stay with us for the whole time.

The price of the ticket includes comfortable accommodation, 3 meals a day + refreshments, 6 - 8 hours/day of workshops with professionals from Pyroterra company, free usage of our equipment during the camp. The price doesn’t include traveling costs.

Of course! If you’re willing to learn and work hard for your bright future of light show performer, then we believe nothing can stop you. Being a beginner between advanced artists is often a very good thing because you can learn faster. A whole new world of new things is waiting for you + you will have fun with our team, no matter the level you are 🙂

No. With this kind of attitude, we kindly ask you to stay at home and continue doing what you're perfect at. We're joking. Join us and learn something beyond your knowledge base!

You will need your computer to work with the latest version of LtComposer and the courage to experiment! If you own any Lighttoys devices, you’re more than welcomed to take them with you. 

All workshops will be done in English - as we expect many visitors from different countries, we will use EN as universal connecting language. 

Regarding the COVID situation, we make the Camp save as possible.  It will be 15-20 people event, so you will not be exposed to a lot of people - and these people will spend time together in one place (not going to other public spaces).
We will be respecting all safety recommendations. 
Also if new restrictions or bad situations will require to cancel the event or your trip, we will move it to the date that will suit you and when the situation will be better. So you won't miss this event even in those scenarios. 

Yes, you can cancel your participation at the event at any time.

When canceling more than 14 days before the event, we will refund you your payment minus a 100 Euro deposit - that's the minimum organizing fee we need to use for booking location, etc.

When canceling less than 14 days before the event, we will refund you your payment minus 300 Euro deposit.
We hope you understand that we can't organize high-quality events by taking all the financial risks including participants canceling at any time.
If you plan on canceling the event, contact us and we can find a solution together.

Who is our camp designed for?

  • solo artists and groups of performers doing or planning to do light shows with Lighttoys equipment
  • light programming enthusiasts
  • photographers interested in programmable light painting
  • choreographers / art directors who would like to experiment with light props in their work

See you there!




We understand that you can have questions to ask, so feel free to reach us. We will gladly reply as soon as possible.